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​​​​​​​​2017 International Geared up pup Ashtray "boner" Kain


Kabous Pup, aka Matt Redding, accidentaly became a pup in 2005 when his husband started calling him "pup" because he thought his playfulness at home was very puppy like. It wasn't until 2015 that he discovered that being a human pup was a real fetish and it was okay to be a pup outside of the home. Both Kabous and his handler have embraced openly and publicly since.

He's dedicated his social media accounts to portraying the happier side of life and being a human pup. His philosophy is that it's the happy times we seek to create and remember above all others, so don't dwell on what depresses you. There's always a silver lining in everything bad, and when you can't find it then just look for the happy human pup with the floppy ears to make you smile.

Kabous is a member of the board of directors of NJ-PAH (New Jersey Pups and Handlers) where he is helping to unite the puppy community in New Jersey. Kabous believes that in-person events are not only fun, but they also help build strong personal friendships, trust, and understanding. He has created a monthly puppy play party in New Jersey where pups can enjoy moshing, swimming in a ball pit, and exploring gear and other fetishes that play well with puppies. The goal of the party is to show pups how easy it is to have fun while also being body positive and gender inclusive in hopes that they will bring that attitude back to their local community.