Tosa alphainu -President of Weekend Fusion Montreal since 2017: We run an annual contest weekend where four titleholders are selected: Mr. Leather Montreal, Ms. Leather Montreal, Pup Montreal, and Mr. Rubber Montreal. (Our Mr. Rubber Montreal actually just won MIR2018!) -Co-Organizer of weekly events with IPC International Puppy 2018, Pup Dane. -Organizer of a monthly Pup Night in Quebec. The event draws more than 100 pups each month, so we are scoping out the possibility of a new venue. -Organizer of 2 annual fundraisers over the last several years. All proceeds have gone to a local organization, KONTAK, which promotes sex education and queer inclusivity. I’ve also been a spokesperson for KONTAK, acting as the face of their awareness campaigns.

-Facilitator of multiple workshops on BDSM (with topics including puppy play, wrestling, power exchange, headspace, and more!).

-Performer in many shows promoting Puppy Play and Gear in the fetish scene. Since 2014, I’ve performed in Montreal at Black & Blue, Montreal Fetish Weekend, Pitbull events, and Kode events. -Advocate for puppy play with many fetishes stores in Canada. When I started in the scene, there was very little for pup-play in my province, so I contacted some local fetish shops, like The Men’s Room and Priape, and encouraged them to order pup gear! I am a gear fetishist… so the more people gearing up, the happier I am! -Facilitator of partnerships between the puppy community in Montreal and those in Toronto (the Black Eagle Kennel Klub), and Ottawa. -I’ve had a few of my articles about puppy-play published (in magazines, newspapers, websites). I’m also writing a book on modern pup-play in French. It’s 280 pages at the moment and I’m hoping to release it by the end of 2019 then maybe translate it if I see the need. I know there are already some great resources for English readers, like Woof!, Bark! And Canis Minor/Major.

Club affiliations and memberships 

WoofMTL - Quebec’s pup play group - I’m one of the organizers

Addicktion - organizers of Montreal sex positive play parties

Rézo - Montreal organization promoting health among gay and bisexual men

Kontak - organization promoting sex education and risk-aware sexual play

The Phoenix - Montreal’s leather club

Black Eagle Kennel Klub - Toronto’s puppy play group

Previous titles held : Pup Montréal 2017


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