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​​​​​​​​2017 International Geared up pup Ashtray "boner" Kain


Matthew Mullins (Pup Ashtray Boner Kain) is a pup community enthusiast and activist. He has been a pup for 21 years, or since age 14. He loves raising money for noble charities specializing in art preservation, AIDS HIV research, and has worked with some bio dog related charities for homeless animals and no kill shelters. During his time as a titleholder he became known as a strong advocate for the pup community, seen as an alpha to most pups and a major player in the expansion and inclusion of the LA Pup Community. In 2015, at Up Your Alley festival, he was pinned 'Mamas Alpha Bator' by Mama Sandy Reinhart for his charitable work with the community.

An avid kinkster with a passion for pups and social inclusion- he created the annual LA Puppy Pride Weekend which includes the Los Angeles Pup Contest, and a monthly event and mosh called Dog Pound. Because of Dog Pound’s popularity, Matthew has been able to bring the mosh to several pride events. The Los Angeles Pup Contest was awarded Event of the Year by the LA Leather Coalition at the Southland Honor Awards in 2015. He teaches pup classes at several venues across the US and will teach pup play alongside several of the International pup titleholders at Leather Heat in April, . He believes we need to give as much attention as possible to new pups and encourages all the younger generation to be themselves and stay strong.